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Bestseller No. 1
Laptop Charger for Acer Aspire (Yellow Tip) E15 A315 V3 A515 F15 V3 R3 E1 E3 ES1 A114 ES1-512 ES1-432 ES1-531 ES1-533 V5 V7 E5-573 E1-532 E1-731 F5 19V 3.42A 65W AC Adapter Power Supply Cable Cord
  • Output: 19V 3.42A 65W (Replaces 30W, 40W and 45W Models). Connector Tip 5.5*2.5mm Yellow Connector power supply adaptor. UL Safety Tested. This AC Adapter has a US cable plug and is compatible with laptop notebook models: Acer Aspire E15 A315 V3 A515 F15 V3 R3 E1 E3 ES1 A114 ES1-512 ES1-432 ES1-531 ES1-533 V5 V7 E5-573 E1-532 E1-731 F5 // A515-43-R19L
  • ES1-512-C5S4 ES1-512-C685 ES1-512-C80E ES1-512-C88M ES1-512-C96S ES1-512-P18H ES1-512-P7TZ ES1-512-P84G ES1-512-P9GT ES1-520 ES1-521 ES1-522 ES1-523 ES1-524 ES1-531 ES1-531-P0JJ ES1-533 ES1-533-C2PE ES1-533-C3VD ES1-533-C72X ES1-571 ES1-571-31XM ES1-571-33BQ ES1-571-C7N9 ES1-571-P1MG ES1-572 ES1-572-31KW ES1-572-31XL ES1-572-357C ES1-572-3729 ES1-572-37X2 ES1-572-59E8 ES1-572ES1-711 ES17 ES1-711 ES1-711G ES1-731 ES1-731G ES1-732 ES1-732-P4G9 F15 F5 F5-521 F5-522 F5-571 F5-571G F5-571T F5-572
  • F5-572G F5-573 F5-573G F5-573T F5-771 F5-771G HP-A0652R3B KP.0450H.001 M3 M5 M5-583P MS2346 MS2360 MS2361 N15Q1 N15W4 N15WS N16C1 N16Q2 N17Q4 NP.ADT0A.010 P2 P246-G2-M P246-M P256-M P257-M P258-M P259-G2-M P259-M P276-M P3 P4 P6 P645 PA-1650-02 PA-1700-02 Q5LJ1 R11 R13 R14 R15 R3 R3-131T R3-131T-C1YF R3-131T-C28S R3-131T-P344 R3-131T-P7HA R3-431 R3-431T R3-471 R3-471T R3-471T-5039 R3-471T-54T1 R3-471T-76BM R3-471TG R5 R7 R7-571 R7-571-6858 R7-571G R7-572 R7-572-6423 R7-572G S13 S3
  • V3-572PG V3-574 V3-574G V3-574T V3-575 V3-575G V3-575T V3-575TG V3-731 V3-771 V3-771, V3-771G V5 V5-121 V5-121P V5-122 V5-122P V5-123 V5-131 V5-132 V5-132P V5-171 V5-431 V5-431G V5-471 V5-471G V5-471P V5-472 V5-472P V5-473 V5-473P V5-53P V3-472P-324J V3-472PG V3-531 V3-532 V3-532G V3-551 V3-571 V3-571G V3-572 V3-572G V3-572P V5-531P V5-552 V5-552P V5-552PG V5-561 V5-561G V5-561P V5-561PG V5-571 V5-571p V5-572, V5-572P PA-1650-02 PA-1650-22 PA-1650-69 PA-1650-86 PA-1700-02 SADP-65KB
  • Timeline Ultra M3 M3-581T M5 M5-481PT M5-481PT-6488 M5-481PT-6644 M5-481T M5-481TG M5-481TG-6814 M5-581T M5-582PT M5-583P Chromebook C7 C710 Extensa 4120 4230 4420 4620 4630 5220 5230 5235 5420 5430 5620 5630 5635 7630 4620Z 4630Z 5230E 5620Z 5630Z 5635Z Part Number ADP-30JH B ADP-40PH BB ADP-40TH A ADP-40TH C ADP-65DB ADP-65JH DB ADP-65MH AK.040AP.024 AK.065AP.013 AP.03003.001 HP-A0652R3B Travelmate 2420 4150 4230 4740 5730 5740 5742 5744 5760 (TMB113) (TMP645) B1 B113 P6 P645 P648 TM2300
Bestseller No. 2
Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1" 1080p full HD display, 32 GB) – Black
  • 10.1" 1080p full HD display; 32 or 64 GB of internal storage (add up to 512 GB with microSD)
  • Now 30% faster thanks to the new 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM
  • Longer battery life—Up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching video, and listening to music
  • Hands-free with Alexa, including on/off toggle
  • 2 MP front and rear-facing cameras with 720p HD video recording
Bestseller No. 3
65W 19V 3.42A AC Adapter Charger Compatible with Acer Aspire V5 V3 V7 S3 E1 R3 R7 M5 E1 5349 5750 5250 7560 AS7750, Monitor S202HL H236HL G246HL H276HL G276HL S220HQL HN274H PA-1650-86 Power Supply
  • SPPECIFICATION : DC Output 19V 3.42A, Input 100-240V 50-60Hz, Power: 65W, Connector barrel Size:5.5*1.7mm(yellow tip), 3 prongs, Color black, weight about 0.75 lb, Cord length: About 47.24inch AC power cord, 70.88inch DC power line. Package includes 1xAC adapter, 1x DC power cord. To choose the right AC adapter, it is important to check your old adapter before to find out these features(output, input, connector size etc.)
  • COMPATIBLE P/N : ADP-30JH B, ADP-40PH BB, ADP-40TH A, ADP-40TH C, ADP-65DB, ADP-65JH DB, ADP-65MH B, AK.040AP.024, AK.065AP.013, AP.03003.001, AP.04001.002, CPA09-A065N1, HP-A0301R3, HP-A0652R3B, HP-A0653R3B, PA-1300-04, PA-1650-01, PA-1650-02, PA-1650-22, PA-1650-69, PA-1650-86, PA-1700-02, SADP-65KB, SADP-65KB D, VA70 PEW71 Z5WAH MS2361 P5WE6 MS2346 KAWG0 MS2309 MS2360 ZG5 KAV60 HP-OK066B13, API2AD02, AP.06501.005, AP.0650A.005, AP.0650A.001, AP.A1401.001, AP.T1902.001, LC.ADT01.007, LC.T280
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS : For Acer Acer Monitor H236HL, H236HLbid, S230HL Abd, S231HL, G236HL Bbd, G236HLBbd, S275HL bmii, G276HL, G276HLDbd, G276HLDbmid, S232HL, S271HL, G246HL Abd, S202HL, HN274H, H226HQL, H226HQLbid, G206HL, S220HQL, S220HQLAbd, S240HL, S242HL, S242HLbid, G226HQL Bbd, G226HQLBbd, S236HL, S241HL, G206HQL bd, G206HQLbd, H276HL, S200HQ, Q236HL, UM.VG6AA.B01; Acer Chromebook C7 C710 AC700; Acer Aspire S3 V3 V5 V7 E1 R7 M5 charger.Please refer to description for more info.
  • SAFETY : ECHEER AC adapters have passed strict intelligent detection, like over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection which is very important for adapter’s use cycle and safety. Also CE, FCC, RoHS certificated.
  • FACTORY DIRECT SALE : ECHEER is a professional direct seller which has its own factory and US based warehouse. We have been manufacturing the laptop batteries and adapters for years and always focus on providing A+ qualified products, preferential prices and best service for our customers. There’re professional engineer to work with the products’ quality and safety during production. Every one of our replacement AC adapter are tested to meet OEM specifications. Buy with confidence!
Bestseller No. 4
Pwr for Acer Aspire Charger Laptop Power Cord: UL Listed E15 ES1 E1 E5 F5 F15 E 15 1 5 F 5 15 V3 V5 V7 V 3 5 7 R7-571 R3 S3 M3 M5 Extra Long Notebook Power Adapter Supply
  • FEATURES / POWER SPECS : Only Pwr+ Chargers Have Extra Long 12 Ft Power AC/DC cords / Output Max: 19V 3.42A 40-65W / Input Volt Range: 100-240V / Made in Taiwan / OEM Original Genuine Acer Charger Laptop AC Adapter Power Cord Replacement by PWR+
  • COMPATIBILITY: Acer Aspire 1 3 5 A114 A315 A515 E 1 5 15 E1 E11 E3 E14 E5 E15 ES1 F15 F5 R11 R14 R3 R7-572 S3 V15 V3 V5 V7 Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 M5 Acer TravelMate B1 B113 P6 P645 P2 P4 X4; ADP-65JH DB HP-A0652R3B PA-1650-02 PA-1700-02 AK.065AP.013 PA-1300-04 PA-1650-69 PA-1650-86 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-22 SADP-65KB D ADP-30JH B HP-A0301R3 AK.040AP.024 SADP-65KB; KAV10 KAV60 KAWG0 MS2309 MS2346 MS2360 MS2361 MS2377 NAV50 P1VE6 P5WE0 P5WE6 PAV70 PEW71 Q5LJ1 V5WE2 VA70 Z5WAH Z5WE3 ZA3 ZG5
  • E5-575-33BM E5-576-392H E5-576G-5762 A114-31-C4HH A315-21-95K A315-51-380T A315-51-51SL A515-51-563W 722 725 1410 3000 3680 4420 5100 5250 5251 5253 5315 5336 5349 5420 5515 5516 5517 5520 5532 5534 5552 5560 5620 5733 5740 5750 5920 6920 6930 7250 7551 7560 7750 4720Z 4730Z 532H 5733Z 5734Z 5735Z 5810TZ 7741Z A110 D250 D255 D255E D257 D260 D270; E1-531 E1-532 E1-572 E5-521 E5-571 E5-573 E5-573G E5-574 E5-575 E5-575G ES1-512 ES1-531 ES1-533 R3-131T V5-122P V5-123 V5-131 V5-531 V5-571 others
  • SAFETY / UL LISTED: Tested, Approved and Certified by UL. E475124 number is unique to PWR+ and easily verifiable on UL website. Amazon prohibits sale of electronics that do not meet UL safety requirements: UL logo and UL number should be displayed on the product's label and packaging. Safety of your equipment, business, home and family depends on the quality of your electronics.
  • WARRANTY: 30 Days Refund - 24 Months Exchange. PWR+ is WA, USA based company. We are friendly Customer Support Experts
RebajasBestseller No. 5
ZOZO 90W AC Universal Laptop Charger for HP Dell Toshiba IBM Lenovo Acer ASUS Samsung Sony Fujitsu Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook DC Output 15V 16V 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V Power Adapter Supply Cord
  • Laptop charger 90W universal Compatible for most laptops Chromebooks Ultrabook's. Plug and play, Easy to use with automatic voltage adjustment. You can power your different brand laptops with just one laptop power cord. 【Please do not charge laptops over 90W
  • [Wide output voltage, 15v-20v] - Input Voltage: worldwide 100-240V, 50 - 60Hz. Output voltage: DC 15V, 16V, 18. 5V, 19V, 19. 5V, 20V, max 90W, compatible Laptop power adapter 75W 70W 65W 45W 40W 33W. Each brand laptop has several different kinds of tips for different models. If you are not sure your laptop tip size, Please send your laptop brand and model number to us before buying, We will give Suggestions. Any problems, Please contact us before return
  • COMPATIBLE: Asus ZenBook UX21E and UX31E Series, ChromeBook C200 C200MA C300 C300MA, X551MA, X555LA , X553M, F555LA-AB31, T300LA, F553M, C202SA-YS02, VivoBook F510UA F510UA-AH51, K501UX, ZenBook UX330UA-AH54 UX330UA-AH55 ; HP Stream 11 13 14, X360, 14-ax010nr 14-ax040nr 14-ax020nr 11-y010nr 11-y020nr 14-ak040nr 14-ax050nr, Chromebook 14 11 G3 G4 G5, ENVY Touch Smart Sleekbook M6, M7, 15-j, 17-j, DV14/15/2000/4000/5000/6000/8000, Dv4 Dv6 Dv7, Dm4 G6 G7, 2000; Sony VAIO VGP-AC19V39 VGP-AC19V47 etc.
  • ACER Chromebook 11 13 14 15 C720, C720P R11 C740 Cb3 Cb5, Aspire P3 S5 S7; Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4 E5-575-33BM A114-31-C4HH, CB3-131-C3SZ, CB3-131-C8GZ, 14 CB3-431-C5FM cb3-532 15 CB5-571-C09S; TOSHIBA Chromebook 2 Cb35 CB30, Satellite C55-C5241, P755 P775 P870 S855 S875 U305 U505; SAMSUNG NP530U4BL GS6/GT6/7/8, X05 Series, VM GT NT; DELL Inspiron 11Z-1121 1320 13Z-5323 14-3420 14Z-5423 15R-5520 15R-5537, 14R 17R, N5010 N7110, Studio 15 17; LENOVO ThinkPad Z60 T410 SL400 SL510; GATEWAY NV55C
  • Package include: 1 x ZOZO 90W laptop power adapter, 1 x AC power Cord, 1 set x tips
Bestseller No. 6
65W Laptop AC Adapter for Acer-Aspire E15 ES1 E1 E5; E1-571 E5-575G E1-510P E1-521 E3-111 E5-511P E5-521 E5-522 E5-551 E5-571 E5-573G ES1-111M ES1-411 ES1-511 ES1-521 ES1-531 E1-572-6870
  • 100% Brand New, DC-Output : 19V, 3.42A, 65W Input : 100-240V ~ 1.2A 50/60Hz
  • DC Connecter size: Internal Diameter: 1.7mm, External Diameter: 5.5mm
  • Compatible with: Acer Aspire E1 E11 E3 E14 E5 E15 ES1 R11 R14 R3 R7 S3 V15 V3 V5 V7 Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 M5 Acer Aspire AS 5250 5253 5515 5517 5532 5534 5733 5742 5750
  • Our Service: Focus On Providing Quality Power Products and Excellent Customer Service,24 x 7 Email Support and12 Months warranty, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee! Buy with confidence!
RebajasBestseller No. 7
19V 3.42A 65W AC Adapter Laptop Charger for Acer Aspire 5532 5349 5750 5742 5250 5253 5733 5534 5336 5552 5560 7560 SB416 AS7750 6423 V5 V7 V3 R3 R7 S3 E1 M5 Series 
  • Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz Output: 19V 3.42A 65W
  • Inner diameter : 5.5mm*1.7mm
  • Fit laptop models:Acer Aspire E1 E11 E3 E14 E5 E15 ES1 R11 R14 R3 R7 S3 V15 V3 V5 V7 Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 M5 Acer Aspire AS 5250 5253 5515 5517 5532 5534 5733 5742 5750
  • Package: 1x Ac adapter & 1x Ac power cable
  • Features 100% Brand Replacement New adapter , with 1 year warranty(full refund in 3 months and free replacement in 12 months)
RebajasBestseller No. 8
A13-045N2A PA-1650-80 A11-065N1A PA-1450-26 N15q8 N16p1 N15Q9 AC Adapter Charger for Acer-Chromebook CB3 CB5 11 13 14 15 R11 R13 C731 C738T CB3-532 CB3-431 CB3-131 CB3-111 Power Supply Cord
  • Input Volt Range: 110-240V / Output: 19V 3.42A 65W
  • Compatible with Acer Chromebook 11 C730 C730E C731 C731T C735 CB3-111 CB3-131; 13 C810 CB5-311 CB5-311P; 14 CB3-431; 15 CB3-531 CB3-532; R11 C738T CB5-132T
  • Replace for Acer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 R11 CB3 CB5-571 C720 C720p C740 Acer Aspire P3 P3-131 R14 R5-471T S7 S7-191 S7-391 S7-392 Iconia W700 Tablet AO1-131 AO1-431
  • Safety: CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over current protection. Made and Sold by professional factory directly
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Item will be ship from NY within 24HOURS and 4-7 busienss days from shipping to delivery. Warranty: 12 - Month Warranty; 30 days money return guarantee; 24 x 7 email support
Bestseller No. 9
Superer AC Charger Fit for Acer Aspire E15 ES15 F15 E5-575 E5-575G E5-573 E5-573G E5-574 E5-574G E5-571 E5-571G E5-571P ES1-511 ES1-512 ES1-572 F5-573 F5-573G Laptop Adapter Power Supply Cord
  • Fit for Acer Aspire E5 E15 ES1 ES15 F5 F15 E5-411 E5-471 E5-471P E5-511 E5-511G E5-511P E5-521 E5-521G E5-522 E5-523 E5-523G E5-531 E5-531G E5-531P E5-532 E5-532G E5-532T E5-551 E5-551G E5-552 E5-552G E5-553 E5-553G E5-571 E5-571G E5-571P E5-571PG E5-573 E5-573T E5-573G E5-574 E5-574G E5-574T E5-575 E5-575G E5-575T ES1-511 ES1-512 ES1-520 ES1-521 ES1-522 ES1-523 ES1-531 ES1-532G ES1-533 ES1-571 ES1-572 F5-573 F5-573G F5-573T F5-572 F5-571 F5-571T
  • Output:19V 3.42A 65W (Compatible with 19V 2.15A/2.37A 40W/45W) Input:100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Safety - All of our product lines are put through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure safe, reliable operation for years to come. In addition, our products are in compliance with top industry standards, and include numerous safety mechanisms, including protection against short circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating.
  • Package Includes:1 X AC Adapter, 1 X UL Power Cord. Exclusive charging technologies used in our products to deliver the fastest charing speed. Your device will get power quickly.
  • Warranty: Your shopping experience is important for us. If you don't want It for any reason, we will happily accept the return and give your money back in 30 days. And we offer 12 months warranty for exchange. Anyway, return or refund are available. (Please check your laptop model and buy it with confidence!)
Bestseller No. 10
POWSEED 70W Universal Laptop Charger for Dell HP Asus Acer Samsung Toshiba Lenovo IBM Sony Gateway Notebook Ultrabook Chromebook, DC Output 15V 16V 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V Power Adapter Supply Cord 65W
  • Input voltage: Worldwide 100-240V, 50 - 60Hz. Output Voltage:DC 15V/16V/18.5V/19V/19.5V/20V, max 70W. Compatible 65W 45W 33W laptop power adapter
  • [High Quality, Factory Sales Directly] Made of high quality and durable materials. With safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating
  • [Multi-Connectors] Together with a set of popular laptop tips that can charge most devices between 15-20v. Super convenient when you want to share power adapter with friends or on a family trip. But this adapter could not charge ALL laptop models
  • Also works for HP DV2000/6000/8000,Dv4 Dv6 Dv7 Stream 11 13 14, EliteBook Folio 1040 G1, Split 13 x2, TouchSmart 15-n210us, HP x360; Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241; ASUS X551MA, F555LA-AB31, X550ZA-WH11, Zenbook UX305LA, Chromebook C300MA, VivoBook E402MA F102BA F200CA, Taichi31, C201; Samsung GS6/GT6/7/8; Sony VAIO VGP; Dell Inspiron 11 13 14 15, I5558, 3000 3147 3148; Lenovo Thinkpad T410 SL510; Acer Aspire E5-573G, E1-572, E1-470P; Yoga 2 11 11s 13, Yoga 2 Pro, IdeaPad 500, Edge E431, E531, etc
  • Package Includes: 1 x High Quality 70w Adpater, 1 x AC Cord, 1 Set x Tips

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En esta era moderna de avances en tecnología, la memorias se tienen la posibilidad de capturar y almacenar sencillamente por siempre a través de CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL. Actualmente, la fotos coloridas de todos sus momentos especiales tienen la posibilidad de ser impresas o guardadas en su PC personal.

Peculiaridades de la CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL

la CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL asimismo detallan imágenes en la pantalla inmediatamente después de ser tomadas, como una vista anterior en vivo mediante un display LCD, y asimismo puede borrar o bien guardar imágenes de la memoria. Muchas CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL también pueden grabar vídeos y sonidos de audio y algunas también ofrecen la función auxiliar de edición de imágenes en pantalla, así como una multitud de métodos para distintas condiciones de tiro. la CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL son la más vendidas y utilizadas gracias a su tamaño, funcionalidad y naturaleza portátil. la CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL son muy compactas, fáciles de utilizar, portátiles y asequibles, y proponen una extensa gama de funciones, como almacenaje de imágenes, conectividad Bluetooth y también sin cables y custodia impermeable.

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La colección de CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL de , junto con la CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL y la DSLR, asimismo tiene dentro videoCARGADOR ACER PORTATIL digitales, lentes para DSLR, CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL de circuito cerrado de TV, CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL prácticas y considerablemente más. También puede encontrar una gama de accesorios para complementar su vivencia fotográfica con productos como lentes, trípodes, flah, bolsas de CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL y otros equipos afines. Halle todas la marcas de CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL con renombre como Nikon, Canon, GoPro y CARGADOR ACER PORTATIL Sony en


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